Governance Committee


The Governance Committee shall address the framework that structures PaMAGIC and the Board of Directors and how the organization operates.  Additionally, the Governance Committee manages PaMAGIC awards. This committee shall report any recommendations to the Board of Directors.


  • Maintain and review changes to the PaMAGIC Bylaws.
  • Produce an Annual Report that reviews the Strategic Plan progress and the Board of Director's performance.
  • Review and make recommendations to the Board of Directors about contractual agreements and obligations.
  • Manage and facilitate PaMAGIC awards.
  • Organize the yearly Board of Directors and invited guests retreat.

Goals and Tasks

  • Complete a major revision of the PaMAGIC Bylaws.
  • Develop a Strategic Plan, including a mission, vision, goals, and/or objectives, that guides the direction and activities of PaMAGIC with measurable outcomes.

Committee Members


  • Bobak Karimi
  • Member-at-large (Vacant)


  • James Whitacre
  • Dave Gilbert

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