PAMAGIC provides the opportunity to network with GIS professionals across Pennsylvania, providing for information and idea exchange, as well as collaboration on key issues.  There are Regional Activity Centers throughout the state.  These provide a way to connect with members in your region.

A map of our members is below.  You can also download the 2017-2018 Membership List (pdf) [last updated January 2018].


Benefits of Membership

  • Public Service – You make yourself and your community more!
  • Networking - Keep in contact with other PA GIS Professionals!
  • Training - Access to no-cost training through Workshops, Webinars and Conferences!
  • Stay Updated - Receive updates and Job Postings through member communications!
  • GISP Credits - Receive credit towards your GISP by becoming a member!
  • Voice in the GeoBoard – PaMAGIC delegate represents you and voices your opinions!

PaMAGIC offers an additional resource for information on current efforts and GIS events through the Yahoo listserve. Please refer to the PAMAGIC Yahoo group.  To subscribe to the PAMAGIC Yahoo group, please send an e-mail to

The new PaMAGIC Member Database and Service Tracking will facilitate, document, and amplify public service within and from the GIS Community. It is being designed to allow and encourage more member-to-member interactions and simplify regional meetups. You will be able to find folks with common interests or those willing to mentor skills you’d like to develop.


Become a Member

You can join PAMAGIC through PayPal or by completing a membership application.

We offer free memberships are offered to students.  Activate your student membership online  or download the Student Membership form.


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