PaMAGIC Board Election Results

Left to Right, Glenn Mohler, board member; Dave Gilbert, GeoBoard Rep;
Matt Mercurio, new board member; Tom Edinger, board member;
Christine Iksic, board member; Rob Schwarz, new board member,
Eric Jespersen, board member

At the annual PA GIS Conference, the membership voted on a strong ballot of candidates.  Thanks to all of the candidates for their participation.  We’re excited about the 3 new board members joining us for the upcoming year, Mark Maguire, Matt Mercurio, and Robert Schwarz.  The new board will be meeting on June 15-16 to select positions and chart out the priorities and plans for the new year.

We also want to thank the following board members who have fulfilled their terms.

Patrick McKinney completed a very successful year as President, while guiding the development of the new website and developing a membership map, among many other things.  He plans to continue as the lead on the website development and maintenance efforts and as Capital Region RAC liaison.

Tom Denton has been a long-serving board member, and has also performed very vital functions as Treasurer, membership coordinator, list serve moderator and has been an active liaison for southeast PA and the Philly region.

Noemi Mendez has also completed her term on the board and we thank her for her contributions along the way.