Albert R. Sarvis


Mr. Sarvis has been a long time resident of the Central Pennsylvania area and has 19 years of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) industry experience and more than 10 years as a GIS/IT project manager.  His educational background focused on Environmental studies, Geography/Geospatial Technology and Project Management.  Upon completion of his Master’s degree in Geography Mr. Sarvis worked in the field of GIS data migration serving as a production manager in the Washington DC area.  After several years in DC he moved to Bloomington Indiana and worked as the Assistant GIS Coordinator for the City.  While in Indiana Mr. Sarvis was also an adjunct faculty member of Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA), teaching the Introduction and Applied GIS courses.  In the summer of 1999 Mr. Sarvis moved back to the Harrisburg area to work for a utility software development company.  In this job Mr. Sarvis began project management responsibilities, had an opportunity to work for 14 months at the company’s corporate headquarters in Great Britain, and became involved in managing the innovation and design process for new products.  

Mr. Sarvis joined GeoDecisions, a division of Gannett Fleming Inc., in 2005 as a project manager and business analyst for government GIS/IT projects.  In the same year Mr. Sarvis began a corporate faculty position with Harrisburg University of Science and Technology teaching geospatial technology courses.  His GeoDecisions projects involved the design and development of a web based GIS applications, design of a new transportation data model and GIS system, a GIS Web Portal for the North Dakota Department of Transportation, and management of the development of the Pennsylvania Geospatial Data Sharing Standards (PGDSS) project to develop data sharing standards for framework GIS layers in the state of Pennsylvania.  Most recently Mr. Sarvis worked with the City of New York to develop environmental public health and vacant property redevelopment GIS web portals. Mr. Sarvis also served as a business analyst for GIS Strategic Planning and GIS for Government consulting projects.

In January of 2011 Mr. Sarvis joined Harrisburg University as a full time Assistant Professor of Geospatial Technology and IT Project Management.  He is responsible for coordinating, teaching and aligning corporate faculty members for both programs.  Mr. Sarvis brings a unique perspective to Harrisburg University that aligns well with the focus on experiential learning.  The industry contacts developed over Mr. Sarvis’s career provide an extensive network of professional project, internship and career opportunities for HU students.  
Albert now lives in Camp Hill with his wife and two children.  In his spare time he enjoys coaching Track and Field, traveling, and photography.